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I do not recommend this school, I cancelled my classes in less than a month because I got a job making more than a Veterinary Tech ever would. They still charged me the full amount of the semester anyways! I asked that they still continue to take my payments out every month.. Well they did not do that.. They didn't contact me and I didn't realize they weren't taking the payments out and I got a call from a collections agency and owed almost double the amount! Absolutely ridiculous school. The sad thing is if you pay the school off it doesn't... Read more

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I completed all my classes , penn foster says i have one lesson left but i dont , graduation was 08/06/2015 nothing from them stating i was finished with my classes . unhappy with pf. Add comment

I have never heard of nor attended Penn Foster. They turned me over to a collection agency for what they refuse to say. Now I have to file reports because they did not do their due diligence when they gave credit to someone using my social but a different name. Comparing the 2 is not difficult unless you happen to work at Penn Foster, apparently reading comprehension and common sense are not part of the curriculum nor employment requirements. I had the mis-fortune of speaking with PETER S Id number 1470PST. I would get as far away from... Read more

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Penn Foster is fair in their practices. They have always been very supportive even though I had problems. They have always gone above and beyond in any help I have ever needed. They are reasonably priced. They offer a top notch education. I am working on a B.S. in Business Management. The people I have spoke with are extremely nice and courteous. The teachers have been prompt in any response to my questions. I am a happy camper so far and know I will continue to be. The best part is I will owe no school loans when I am finished. Jen Zook Read more

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They canceled my course after I payed in full and was almost completed. I've called the school and written the school with no response. Add comment

I,kenneth Henderson,graduated from pennfoster private highschool with 21st century skills such as the ability to use technology to complete learning tasks and to communicate effectively and use critical thinking and reasoning skills to complete learning tasks in English language Art,Science,Math,and Social studies and use declarative knowledge and demonstrate understanding to complete learning tasks in English language Arts,Science,Math,Social studies course.Apply fundamental mathematical skills to solve real world problems and utilize writing... Read more

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I called Penn Foster to get my daughter back on Track After a long Illness and finally getting myself back to work I tried to attempt to enroll her back into school They told me they sent it to a collection. I did call the collection and explained it wasn't my daugthers fault that she was not in the sessions it was Mine due to me being sick she looked out for me and no money coming in but he studies on halt I asked if they can work with me. they offered a 25% discount on what they submitted to the Collections. But it has to be paid off before... Read more

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Long story short, an account was opened with Penn Foster using my bank account information. I informed them that my information had in fact been compromised and I have never signed up for their services. My bank stopped all transactions to the stolen card and issued me a new one. Penn Foster constantly argued that the course was 21% complete and they did not understand why someone would open an account with my information. The address associated with the account was incorrect when they finally, reluctantly sent me the Electronically signed... Read more

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Penn foster is a great school and it was a great school for me I got my diploma from penn foster and now I am a student at monroe college and I got financial aid once you pass the compas exam then you can get your financial Aid before I enrolled to penn foster I read so many bad reviews I wasn't happy I was scared then I saod I have to try when I try everything went well people say bad things write bad reviews when they gets mad I have to say good things cause it was a great school for me anyone who want to try penn foster just go... Read more

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I got my high school diploma from Penn Foster. It helped me with getting a job and I also graduated with a GPA of a 3.8. I transferred my credits I did do in high school which meant less work and they took money off. I got into Medix...aka as Fortis now to complete Medical Assistance. I did not however try to enroll in college so I don't know if any complications would arise with that. I made my payments and teachers were great too. I guess its worth it if you are looking to better yourself with a job and if you are looking into a trade... Read more

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