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To begin I would like to say this. this is a negative "review" also known as a complaint:) If you even act like you're thinking of doing this school don't.

They only accept credit cards which should pop out and say "scam" automatically. If you don't do it they will call you everyday, this is their "guarantee" if you will.

They will use a phone number machine to make it look like someones calling from your area code which is EXACTLY what they did to me. they will run up your credit card bill and take you to court. their employees will post sweet and positive reviews of their school so you'll feel more comfortable about applying. how deceptive and what a pathetic attempt at robbing you blind.

simple: DON'T DO IT.

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Indiana, United States #892314

I attended Penn Foster for Hotel and Restaurant Management and received my diploma with no problems.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #889665

I've attended Penn Foster College for the last 6 months and have had only positive experiences!I'm in the vet tech program which has been awesome.

Student Services has been nothing but helpful.

I didn't use a credit card and have not been "scammed" in any way.I feel fortunate to have stumbled across this great program!


I have had no issues while my son attended and myself.I used the payment plan.

No credit card and I.Got my certification for Wedding Planning and they filled in the gap while my son was out of school.


This is not true at all!! I have been attending PF and they have been true on everything they said and is a great school!!


This is so not true I have received one certification and I am currently working on another degree. I have never paid with a credit card nor have I had anything fraudulent come out of my account.


The only scam is you people that try to scam out of your debits. Or lazy people who refuse to do the work. So ya if you are lazy and don't pay your debts then you should not enroll.


I agree

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #832005

My sister enrolled on the online program and finished her program in time.She paid all the fees needed and she never ever received her Diploma!

Now they act like she never even enrolled in Penn Foster.. HUHH..

Seems like a SCAM to me!!DON'T DO IT!!!


i just looked at joining the school and it accepts PayPal CC/DC(credit Card/ Debit card) or checking/savings account so the first part of this complaint is not valid


Penn Foster is not a scam.And you can use a debit card.

I've received two diplomas from Penn Foster and is looking forward to gain certificates from this school.

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