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I told Penn Foster I wanted to get a diploma instead of the assoc. or batch. because I can't handle the English classes with writing essays. The getelman on the phone said the diploma for medical coding and billing won't be a problem. With him telling me that lie I paid all of the fees at one time because it was cheaper that way.

They lied about transferring English and Math and with held information on essays in the courses. I told them I was horrible at English. They said not a problem I wouldn't have take the English and never said anything about essays in the courses.

Of course after I paid the full tution they told me the course didn't transfer. I have read so much bad stuff on this school I can't believe they are still in business. I can't help to wonder if that is why they have changed names. I don't know what Penn Foster use to be but I have read complaints on being charged under what they use to be and Penn Foster.

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im attending penn foster and working towards my b.s. degree in criminal law and hope that this will open doors for me and put to use what ive learned. i have had no problems with penn foster yet hope not to have one in the future.


I am about to complete a Medical Coding & Billing program through Penn Foster.Yes, it is a tough program, but it is a good program.

It is not good for those who cannot write well, or for those who are not detail-oriented. There is a lot of writing required -reports, research projects, business letters. There is an entire course on technical writing. I feel like I received a good education from Penn Foster, and since I am very detail-oriented (having worked in accounting), I found the coding section easy to grasp.

There are 16 courses in the 15-month comprehensive program, and most are considered 15-week courses. However, when you work hard to finish faster, you soon find out that you MUST finish each course much sooner in order to finish in 15 months. I work at it almost nightly, with at least 4 hours on most weekends. It takes determination, but it's good.

I will soon be registering for the AHIMA CCA certification.

Although I think Penn Foster is good, I've heard it's best to take an AHIMA approved course.They have a list of online courses also.


this school degrees only gets your foot into the door. the drive is up to you totally.

i know of a person who has a college degree from a 4 yr college and is selling cars right beside someone who does not.

the drive is in you.....yes the salepeople are pushy. i spoke to one on the phone and yes contract is a little confusing. but it is what you put into the program.

make sure what you are doing is what you want to do. their is no majic paper that will get you the job right away.

also, remember check out in your area, local university, college, and some business around to see if this is accepted school.

good luck


There have been a lot of people that have gone off to all kinds of college, and couldn't get a job.The way that this economy is, employers can afford to be as picky as they want to be.

Sometimes, it's about who you know and not what's on your resume. This is my second time attending Penn Foster and I have had great experiences with them. It takes more to get a good paying job no matter what your background contains. Anyone who applies to any university do your research because even some bigger schools don't transfer.

To the person who posted about penn foster not giving them a $200 credit, the website informs you of their policy. Last but not least, REALLY!!! check into the job before you sign up, because not all jobs are in great demand in every city or state.

I hope that this information helped someone.Thank you.


1. Written by Tereza, on 13-01-2009 14:36

I am thinking of applying to PF. anyone have any good reviews

to TEREZA973 Miami, Florida, United States #661883

I took a course in Physical Therapy Aide like 4 months ago..was able to complete it in a month (was supposed to be 4 to 12 mos) because I was unemployed so I had time..

The "internship" was optional.. now I know why.. nobody wanted to take me if I wasn't backed up by the school (they don't back you up, you're on your own).. so now I'm going to do Medical Billing and Coding but not from them..

from the AHIMA website where they offer course and they are really accredited..

would never recommend Penn Foster.I feel deceived.

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